Villa K – Vannes

Villa K



Villa K


This villa is the result of a close collaboration between our agency and the property owners. It is emblematic of our work because its success is a testament to the level of listening and outstanding trust between all parties. This project’s formal audaciousness embodies the culmination of this winning partnership.

The project was highly constrained because the house is located in a subdivision consisting of large plots with strict regulations pertaining to dimensions, colors, materials, and points of access, such as, for example, the position of the parking area, which was pre-determined and fixed.

We thus designed the house’s facade like a mineral screen, with a long wall of stones from Elven, which protects the house from view. As soon as you walk through this "curtain," however, the space opens onto a large garden, a visual contradiction from the considerable aspect of the street facade. Around this oasis, the villa is covered in windows, and the living spaces - public / private - are organized by the relationships of symmetry between the volumes. Shapes are graphic and pushed to their extreme simplification. Overall, this space reflects the desire for purity and radicalism that guided the entirety of our creative process.

Private home


Surface Area

Performance Level
BBC RT2012

HQE Targets

Technical Equipment

Condensing gas boiler

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