Swimming Pool – Chateaulin

Swimming Pool



Swimming Pool


The community swimming pool represents the first stage in the transformation of Bihan, which is located in Chateaulin, in the commune of Finistère and part of the Regional Natural Park of Armorique. This community pool holds a prominent place in the direction of the future development of this site. Accordingly, the location chosen for this project optimizes all the area’s constraints, thereby enhancing its natural environment and urban features.

This long-term vision is one of the project’s essential qualities. Located at the limit of the flood zone, the building overlooks legally protected space and will thus definitively benefit from the visual clearing of parcels covered by floodplain regulations. The slightly lower establishment of this construction attenuates its visual impact from the road. The real view is therefore on the other side and, appealing to its users, enhances its relationship with the canal and views over the wooded network and landscape.

The architectural style is simple and durable, favoring the elegance of volumes – their proportion and rhythm – as a means of facilitating the building’s integration into its environment. This sensitive balance is equally present on the inside, where the façade’s framework offers a vertical momentum to the water’s horizontal plane, and is oriented to optimize the natural light, which benefits everyone, from the lobby to the pools. The internal pathways are organized to afford the public quick access to the swimming area.

The use of understated materials makes this a long-lasting construction. Polished aluminum facades, in which the park is reflected, reinforce the sense of continuity between the pool and surrounding landscape. This sense of continuity is paralleled in the choice to construct the building at a low level, making it easily accessible and ensuring that it fit into the site without overpowering it.

Construction of
a community pool


Egis centre Ouest
Michel Collin

Surface Area
3 361 m²

8 815 000 €

HQE Targets
High Performing = 1,4,7,8,9
Performing = 2,3,5,10,13,14

Technical Equipment
Wood heater
Solar cells
Electric heat pump
for dehumidification
and reheating the air
Double flux with energy recovery
Stainless steel pool

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