St Germain – Rennes






The Vilaine has contributed much to Rennes’ dynamism and is an essential element of its topography, particularly with the neighborhood developments along its periphery. The St. Germain square is a perfect example of this synergy, as its docks adjust to the river’s twists and turns, a natural resource that has always been a very lively place for exchanging products and local expertise. It is here that goods were traded, such as the famous "Fil de Rennes" and articles of tannery and basketry.

Presenting a mesh façade that evokes the flow uniting the town with its region, the building fits seamlessly into the context and unique history of this area. This facility plays an important role in the city because it marks the "gateway" from the St. Germain square, and thus provides a critical pivot point within the urban sprawl: on the one hand, the bourgeois, residential city, and on the other, the commercial area that opens to the outside. It is for this reason that, in addition to the graphical reference to textile art, the facade readopts the traditional codes of bourgeois streets surrounded by wrought iron and stone cornices; however, newly reinterpreted in an avant-garde material: Ultra-high Performance Fiber Concrete (UHPFC). This cutting-edge technology combines lightness, finesse, and minerality, an advancement that, in its very presence, transcribes the ever-living energy animating this locale.

Metro exit

Archipel Habitat

Cdlp Hay Ouest Structure Studio Joran Briand

Surface Area
600 m²

1 189 000 €

HQE Targets
1, 4, 7, 9,10

Technical Equipment
Double flux ventilation
Condensing gas boiler
External insulation

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