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Spindrift Racing

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Spindrift Racing

St Philibert

Based in southern Brittany, Spindrift Racing is a company of ship-owners founded in 2011 by Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard. This racing team, unique in the world of professional sailing, currently has a fleet of six ships: a trimaran MOD70 (Spindrift), a catamaran Decision 35 (Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing), two trimarans Diam 24, a flying catamaran GC32, and a 40-meter maxi-trimaran (Spindrift 2). In all classes, the teams achieve outstanding results, which are the fruits of persistent work and effort. This team’s headquarters thus necessitated a similar match in exemplary quality.

The specifications called for the redevelopment of existing technical facilities and offices, as well as the creation of a gym, a place for team members to relax, and a space dedicated to the reception of VIPs. In order to revive and reenergize the building, and to distinguish it from neighboring warehouses, an extension that rests on the workshop hangar was used to raise the building, refocusing it towards the horizon. Designed as an immense periscope, the terrace framed by a large metal awning (located above the access doors to the workshops) opens generously over the bay of la Trinité sur mer. The building seems to project itself into the future, finding its breath once again.

In its general aesthetic and interior decoration, the overall project reflects the graphic charter of the Spindrift team: black, white, and gold. Inside, the spaces – from the sail loft to the VIP lounge – unveil a warm, relaxed, and elegant atmosphere that marries light wood, felted fabrics, and Nordic-inspired furnishings. This new and improved infrastructure offers a moment of calm before facing the Atlantic challenge.

VIP room
Locker rooms
Boat hangar

SAS Ladycat

Studio Joran Briand / Cdlp / Egis

Surface Area
1 700 m² from the renovation
1 600 m² new area

Performance Level
BBC RT 2012 Effinergie

HQE Targets
1, 4, 7, 9, 10

Technical Equipment
Double flux ventilation
Condensing gas boiler
External insulation
Rainwater capture

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