Residences La Noe – Vannes



september 2018

La Noe


For this project, we worked within a very precise outline that corresponds to the shape of the residences along the façade and to the width of the underground parking.

The facade reveals this outline thanks to the choice of materials that compose it. We opted to work with white-painted concrete alternated with sections of wooden, openwork cladding. The simplicity of the volumes is disrupted by the superposition of balconies that appear to be placed at random, which gives a unique composition to the building’s façade. The accommodations are all facing east or west. Those on the ground floor enjoy a private garden, while those upstairs benefit from a large terrace.

All terraces are square, measuring 3m x 3m. The goal was to create true, outdoor living spaces where one could put a large garden or sitting area. Openwork wooden beams are used to create intimacy between the adjoining terraces, and pergolas help to create intimacy.

All openings are generous: in the living rooms, three sliding bay doors measure 2.3m x 2.7m.

45 Residences
Underground parking
Private gardens


Racine Carré
Le bagousse

Surface Area
2470 m²

3 670 000 €

Performance Level
BBC RT 2012

HQE Targets

Technical Equipment
Solar panels

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