Rescue Center – Belle-île en mer

Rescue Center

Belle-île en mer


Rescue Center

Belle-île en mer

Building in Britain is not always easy. If nature is a source of infinite inspiration, it can sometimes seem like an insurmountable challenge, one that requires certain knowledge to be able to unveil its riches.

The stakes were high because, in addition to being situated on an island, this rescue center was to become the main hub of Belle-Ile-en-mer’s urban organization. The optimization of circulation and views – incoming and outgoing – was thus presented as one of the project’s structural challenges and determined its exact establishment. The building connects several poles, each distinct in their use: to maximize efficiency, function induced form.

The section devoted to service stretches in a long construction that blends into the tree line, preferring to underscore its environment rather than disrupt it. This effect strengthens the green roof, which softens the functional brutality of the metal frame and black cladding. The administrative section, which runs perpendicular and has a 180 ° view of the entire site, is no more than a discreet prism just above the first building’s horizon line. The materials used for the administration, wood and concrete, bring an additional counterpoint to the metal ensemble, and reinforce the distinction of its distinct functions.

Fire station
Refurbishment of offices


Assistant to the Contracting Authority

2 100 000 euros

Performance Level
BBC RT2012

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