Nautical Pole – Binic

Nautical Pole



Nautical Pole


This is an exceptional site: a dike.

Facing this bay’s beauty, the project needed to be as discreet as possible. Thus, its horizontal roof allows it to melt into the landscape and avoids competing with the site’s vertical lines: the lighthouse and masts from the marina.

Between the roof and the terrace, and free from any specifications, an intermediate level was rearranged. The gazebo was raised in relation to the promenade, an alteration that usefully complements the project outside its function as a nautical pole, since this slab now creates a gradient that allows walkers to sit facing the sea.

As for the professional use of the building, it is worth noting the sequencing induced by the use of simple materials: concrete for the technical part, wood for the reception hall, and glass for the front desk. These three spatial entities operate with one another by pivoting around the entrance, in that the front desk operates as a "hinge" that leads either to the technical part or to the reception hall.

A detail shows photos from the original site where one can see the shadows of the masts reflecting on the ground. This original interlacing of diagonal lines inspired the weaving of the concrete and railings.

Sailing school
and community center

Assistant to the Contracting Authority


450 m²

961 814 €

2009 - 2013

Tourism and Disability label

Performance Level
BBC RT2005

HQE Targets

Technical Equipment
Rainwater capture
Solar panels
Double-flow mechanical ventilation
External insulation

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