Multimedia Library – La Vraie Croix

Multimedia Library

La Vraie Croix


Multimedia Library

La Vraie Croix

Constructed in accordance with the Buildings Architect of France, this project consisted of rehabilitating a former rectory into a multimedia library. Located in the heart of La Vraie Croix, a small town in Morbihan, this building sits near a chapel dating from the thirteenth century. The architectural intervention thus had to be extremely precise, "surgical," in order not to disturb the harmony of a remarkable and delicate site very popular with tourists.

This project was thus designed following two indivisible axes. The first concerns the rehabilitation of the old structure by maintaining the openings to create a large breakthrough in the main facade. This concrete frame visually connects the future multimedia library to the heart of the village, a visual contrast that enables this public-use building to physically assert its new role in the urban harmony. It marks its dynamism and openness.

The second intervention is the creation of an extension on the west façade, which opens onto the former parish garden. Light and transparent, it draws out the old parsonage.

To withstand the force of the stone – ubiquitous in La Vraie Croix – concrete has come to be the ideal material, capable of fitting the building in its traditional structure all the while allowing it a radical and contemporary style.

Multimedia library

Commune of la Vraie Croix

Graphibat / Astec

Surface Area
200 m²

350 000 €

2009 - 2013

Environmental Approach
Performance level
RT 2005

HQE Targets

Technical Equipment
Condensing gas boiler
Green roof

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