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Multimedia Library



Multimedia Library


In recent years, by removing some buildings to clear the roads, many villages improved in their function but sometimes lost their visual coherence and appeal. The time has come to rethink their topography.

This call to coherence is the role of Monterblanc’s multimedia library, which stands at the center of the village like a great modern hall. From the outside, it offers the town’s residents a central focal point and, from the inside, a multitude of novel perspectives.

From the outside, the form, which is made from stacking volumes, converges perspectives from all viewpoints, thus translating and synthesizing the horizon of neighboring buildings, while its mosaic system provides large openings that offer a panoramic view over the village.

The commercial center theme plays out here through a white concrete structure supported by a grid of exposed beams and posts, an alternation of wood and glass that give structure to the façade.

Multimedia Library

Commune of Monterblanc

Assistant to the Contracting Authority

Luc Boegly

Sio / Cdlp / Serdb

Surface Area
450 m²

913 000 €

2011 - 2014

Environmental Approach
Performance level
BBC RT 2005 -58%

HQE Targets
1,4,5, 7,9,10

Technical Equipment
Condensing gas boiler
Double flux ventilation
Rainwater capture

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