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Community Center



Community Center


This community center project illustrates the founding principles of the traditional architectural approach. Every construction generally results from the contribution of materials, that is, the addition of material to a given site. This building, however, generates the opposite effect by giving the impression of being born from a subtraction, from a relief. In the same way that a stonemason considers the granite block before him, this initial rectangular volume seems to have been carved, hollowed, twisted, flattened, and sharpened to bring to life the most just form.

This is to say that the treatment of the soil and the foundation is essential. The volume plunges with respect to the natural level of the terrain in order that the center fits seamlessly into the horizon of neighboring buildings, and that the center opens on one level to the garden below.

Attention to the ease of movement was even incorporated into the design of the main stage, accessible to those with disabilities or limited mobility thanks to the unique play of internal ramps.

The dominating material of this project is white concrete, as the effect of light on the white amplifies the weightlessness of the structure’s angles and volumes. To dress the high-volume dormers, the designer Joran Briand created a metal canvas that stylizes one of the symbols of Britain: the ermine.

Community Center

740 m²

1 283 000 €

2011 - 2014

Commune of Plumergat

Assistant to the Contracting Authority

Studio Joran Briand

Luc Boegly

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