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City Hall



City Hall


The primary aesthetic concern for the project of Plomodiern’s city hall pertained to the local architecture: how to make it so that the forms and colors of the building ensure that it fits into the existing environment, all the while using a contemporary architectural style.

The project was constructed in an L-shape, reserving one unit for administrative services and another for the council chamber and weddings. The intersection of these two units forms a very large hall, thus permitting the facility to accommodate very large events, such as exhibitions. The volumes are minimalist and are topped with 40- and 35-degree roofs. This architectural discretion allows for easy integration into the village’s silhouette, such as its low, stone walls. In the front, rather than leveling the surface, the site’s natural vertical drop is used as a platform to provide the city hall with a certain solemnity.

The large-volume interior spaces (hall, council chambers) are acoustically treated for optimal comfort. The council chamber / wedding room is oriented west, with a wide opening onto the park. On the other side, this room is distinguished from the hall by a glass faille that serves as a visual draw from both the street and the square.

The choice of materials follows the same, integrative logic. The black zinc evokes the color of slate, and white powder-coated aluminum mullions and soffits provide contrast and emphasize the volumes.

City hall, park

Commune of Plomodiern

Assistant to the Contracting Authority
Amo Sapiens

Girec, Become, Seba,
Prim’vert, Serdb

Surface Area
500 m²

970 000 €

Performance Level
BBC RT2005


HQE Targets

Technical Equipment
Condensing gas boiler
External insulation
Double-flow mechanical ventilation

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