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St Brieuc

Throughout this project, it was enriching to be able to examine the challenge of developing contemporary collective housing. How does one provide an identity to each dwelling in an ensemble that contains forty six? How does one individualize with success?

The premise was simple: use a single material for each residence. Using two materials, we were thus able to imagine random combinations akin to a checkerboard. Simply, through the color of the material, one can quickly distinguish each accommodation. We know that distinction is a guarantee of quality in the collective habitat. To make it so that one’s housing is no longer lost in the mass allows for the basis of personalization.

For the sake of this distinction, architecture lends coherence to the neighborhood. This is a harmony that we find in the smaller units because the residences are grouped into blocks of four, which then helps to facilitate the creation of social ties.

46 residences
(34 intermediary residences
+ 12 pavilions)

Côtes d’Armor Habitat

47°N / Astec

Surface Area
3 100 m²

4 150 000 €

2009 - 2014

Performance Level
BBC RT2005

HQE Targets

Technical Equipment
Landscaped swales
Condensing gas boiler
à condensation
External insulation

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