Artesium – Rennes






A new neighborhood requires new urban landmarks, new totems, on the horizon. This apartment building, which is integrated into the development of a new neighborhood of Rennes, da La Courrouze, consists of three separate halls of which one tower of eight stories seems to unfold in three dimensions: vertically, horizontally, and in depth, and across all levels thanks to the façade’s design.

Importantly, this sector is within the municipality of Rennes, in the center of Zac La Courrouze and its rail system, which is defined by the rue Roger-Henri-Guerrand (north-south axis) and the avenue Jules-Maniez (east-west axis). This housing program is adjacent to a square that will host Zac’s main commercial center as well as offer multiple forms of public transit (metro and bus). It was thus necessary to intensify the work on the skyline in order to reinforce the building’s urban role, which is to demarcate and identify the La Courrouze square.

The facades were designed according to their orientation. The residences facing the east, south, and west are recessed, bringing the concrete loggias to the building’s limit. On the north side, this concept is used to create the corridors that serve the apartments, thus establishing a unity to the building’s overall scale. For residences without loggias, the facade is treated with a simple “layout” of openings that adopt the general graphic motif and create an amplified trompe-l’oeil by the play of concrete shades that lighten gradually with depth.

77 Residences
Shops on ground level
Parking on two levels
Shared garden


Cdlp Egis

4200 m² residences
220 m² shops

5 746 000 €

Performance Level
RT 2012

HQE Targets

Technical Equipment
Gas heater
Green roof
50% water heat capture per solar panel

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