School Complex – Melesse

School Complex


sept. 2015

School Complex


This blank slate today will welcome tomorrow the Melesse private schools. The positioning of the school is critical in order to develop the entire terrain in an intelligent manner. The location selected for this construction optimizes all of the site’s constraints, and values both the flora and urban elements. The project’s long-term vision is an attractive feature. In fact, the plan’s design will allow for future expansion of the nursery and primary schools. The building runs parallel to the rue des Lilas. A row of parking and drop-off spaces separates the school from the street, and an easy connection will lead to the athletic fields.

A large and open playground is created to the south. This area is entirely secure, as no car can gain access here. Areas for busses and cars to drop-off and pick-up are planned along the rue des Lilas. 28 parking spaces are also planned along the building’s southern facade. The school is easily accessible for pedestrians and bikers, and parking for bikes near the entrance is integrated into the design. Deliveries and technical access will be made available through an entrance at the south-west limit.

The architectural style is simple with a modern accent. The elegance of volumes and the refined roof enables the building to fit perfectly into its environment. The school is composed of two main entities: the kindergarten, located along the western limit, and the elementary school, which runs parallel to the rue des Lilas. Characterized by its awning, the entrance acts as a pivot point between the two schools.

On the southern facade, fixed metal sunshades filter sunlight. Along the north, the facade opens wide to take advantage of the soft and natural light without the risk of glare. On the west, exterior metal blinds adjust to control the input of light according to the time of day.

We treated the facade with zinc cladding, a treatment that provides an external insulation. We also used a type of chestnut wood siding, as wood provides the building with warmth and comfort.

of a school complex,
elementary school,
dining area


Egis centre Ouest

Surface Area
1 770 m² SU

HQE Targets
High Performing = 1,4,7,8,9
Performing = 2,3,5,10,13,14

Technical Equipment
Condensing gas boiler
Green roof
Double flux with energy recovery

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