New City Hall – Plumeliau

New City Hall


sept. 2015

New City Hall


The construction project of the new city hall is located in the heart of downtown, across from the church. We wanted to highlight the landscape and vegetation, and thus began with the theme of a park in mind. The first impression we wanted to develop is the sense that the city hall "rests" in the middle of a park. Like a breath of fresh air, this park is intended to offer a space to breathe in the heart of the city. The city hall is accessible by wide paths; however, we chose not to dramatize, to emphasize it. Rather, we chose a simple approach, one that is more natural to the site. Additionally, the city hall is built on a platform, which serves to reinforce the idea that this new facility comes to rest within the green space.

The rue Théodore Botrel will be reclassified as a one-way street and will provide parking spaces. We also included a playground for children in the center of this green space.

An open court is located to the south of the plot, and this square is entirely secure, as no cars can gain access to it. Deliveries and technical access will be made available through an entrance on the western limit, a spatial distinction that promises secure and separate uses. Wide operating spaces were part of the plan.

Following a domestic scale, the city hall is built around a green patio. Completely open on three sides, the patio brings breath into the heart of the project and is the central point around which the building’s different elements are organized. The lobby, with its unique awning, opens fully onto the park and patio. We treated the facade with a chestnut cladding, made of brackets spaced a few centimeters apart. Wood reinforces the idea of flora entering into the municipality. The arrangement of brackets gives a certain movement to the façade, a treatment that also provides external insulation. Furthermore, we are able to use local providers for the wood, an element that aesthetically provides warmth and comfort.

Construction of a new city hall

Commune of Plumeliau

Graphibat, Become, Seba,
Hernot, Collin

925 000 €

HQE Targets
High Performing = 1,4,7,8,9
Performing = 2,3,5,10,13,14

Technical Equipment
Condensing gas boiler
Green roof
Double flux with energy recovery

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