Cultural Center – Bédée

Cultural Center


april 2015

Cultural Center


The location of the project’s entrance is its key as well as its crux. We wanted to place the entrance in the main house because we thought that its noble character offers elegance to the library, and that it helps to enhance the town’s heritage -- showcasing a construction’s heritage is the role of a public project.

We chose to open the site at the corner of rue de la Cité and rue des Rosiers. This allows for the addition of a lower court at street level and a small public square signaling a public place intended for the residents of Bédée. This lower court is an ideal place for entertainment or public events, such as garage sales, fairs, or open-air markets.

The elevation of the terrain is such that we devised a system of stairs and ramps for the disabled to access the multimedia library. The staircase that connects the lower and upper courts is oriented along the main house and underscores its architectural importance.

The volume of the extension is planned in a bright tint of grey-white concrete featuring a random layout, and the openings are framed in light wood panels. The mixture of wood, concrete, and glass is a stylish and durable juxtaposition of materials – an application of raw and natural resources that underscores architecture meant to last. The junction between the volume of the main house and the auditorium will be treated with a glass fault in front of which are alternating slats of wood, a detail that serves to further highlight the main house. The coexistence of new and old volumes is made possible most notably by this glass fault, but also by the very choice to respect the different height ratios.

Multimedia library

City hall of Bédée

Cdlp Egis Hernot

Surface Area
530 m² from the renovation
315 m² new area

1 400 000 €

Performance level
BBC RT 2012

HQE Targets

Technical Equipment
Double flux ventilation
Condensing gas boiler
Rainwater capture

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